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They say that the Cavalier is the "Dog of Royalty" we say...  they are the dog of "LOVE" ~

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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a European court favorite from as early as the 15th century, is often referred to as the “comforter spaniel” because of its sweet, loving nature. Cavaliers are bred to be companions and their favorite place to be is with their family either on a lap or by their side. Cavaliers are depicted in the paintings of Gainsborough, Landseer, Van Dyck and others, usually always with their family members. This lovely small spaniel is not only pretty to look at; he is also intelligent, making them easy to train, gentle, curious and friendly with all. Their excellent temperament make them beautiful traveling companions.










Our Cavaliers are not only all that, but they are also our babies,

our babies, our babies!  Our Sire traces his bloodline 4 Generations

back to Castlmar.  The most prevalent breeder of the Cavalier Spaniels the

United States!  At this time listing 20 champion dogs.


The Cavalier world knows that It is impossible not to fall in love with this breed.  With their big brown eyes looking up at you it's even harder to tell them no.  If the man in your house says, “I want a big dog, be prepared for him to steal your new Cavalier puppy!  We are not joking!  Time and time again we get calls from adopted Moms saying the Man of the house “Stole their puppy and now they need another one”.   Oh yes, be prepared for that as well, Cavalier owners rarely have only one!  


Never forget!!    As the saying goes... When you are choosing between a Cavalier  Boy or a Cavalier Girl. The girls "LOVE" you,  yet the boys are  "IN LOVE" with you.  Always, of course, both are so loving.   




















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      ** Yes,  this Cavalier really
          was on the cover of Vogue!  **
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*Classic Cavalier Puppies has a zero tolerance policy for puppy mills or substandard breeding practices of any kind. While you may not know the source of your puppy from a rescue, shelter or pet store, here you will always know where your puppy was born and raised. Classic Cavalier Puppies are raised with love, respect, a high level of attention and personal care, and with health in mind.  Please visit the "About Us" page to learn more about us:)    


Thank You so much for visiting our site.  We have done our best to answer all your questions, and inform you as

well as we can.

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