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I have been breeding Cavaliers since 1994. Back then I lived on a farm with yellow and black labs.  I found myself getting a divorce with 2 beautiful children moving into a very small apartment unable to bring my daughter’s dogs.  Naturally we were heartbroken.  Being in an apartment, we needed a small, quiet, loving dog that didn’t need a lot of exercise. I remember thinking, there is no such thing!  Internet search and looking for a puppy online was unheard of.  At first, I was just looking to see if such a dog existed.  No luck.  I refused to give up the search. Then I stumbled on a site called find the right dog for you.  The Cavalier kept coming up.  I never heard of this breed.  I started to call around to anyone who provided puppies... nothing.  I started to research the dog, and discovered these beautiful little things lived in Europe.  Sending all my money to Westminster, my miracle and love for the Cavalier began.  What a miracle it was.  Our little girl healed our hearts and brightened our lives in ways I could not believe. I could not get enough of her, then of course our boy arrived, and the journey began.  With the help of my breeders, I loved and learned and loved and learned.  I sold my first Cavalier to a “Famous person” in 1999, but first believed it to be a joke being played on me but quickly found out it was the real thing.  What a joy it was! My Husband joined us over two years ago, and his love for the breed is just as deep as mine is and he wants to keep every Cavalier puppy we have.  Our Cavaliers have always been born and raised in our home with the greatest love and care. They are socialized from day one.  We house train them after 8 weeks. We are real people, in a real home, in a small town in Wisconsin.  I work part time at the local Meijer store and my Husband stays home full time with the dogs.  We are currently training our dogs to be therapy dogs, so they can help heal others as they helped to heal us.

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